1. wmagazine:

    Sporty Spice

    Photograph by Steven Klein; styled by Camilla Nickerson; W magazine August 2007. 


  3. mmm

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  4. creativity & genius

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  5. "I’m more interested in the woman I want to be, as opposed to the things I want. By the time I’m her, I’ll already have everything she wants."
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  6. the plan for tomorrow :-)

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  7. I like to think so, because, um, I’m not so fast. I can do some things well, though :-)

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  9. womensweardaily:

    Models Go Off Duty

    Models have mastered the effortless, throw-it-on-and-go uniform with layers of oversize basics in a neutral palette. Here, Zac Zac Posen’s leather jacket and cotton sweater with Anne Klein’s suede skirt. Aldo shoes.

    Cotton sweaters & pencil skirts - looking forward to my fall uniform. Not exactly like this, but kinda.

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